UCGWater+ aims at remediating waters polluted with organic and inorganic contaminants as a result of the operation of underground coal gasification (UCG) plants. Three remediation strategies are contemplated: (1) (electro)coagulation, (2) the use of polymer- and carbon-based adsorbents derived from coal by-products and residues, thus contributing to revalorization of the latter as a positive side-effect of the action, and (3) bioremediation based on constructed wetlands. Combinations of these methods are explored for maximum decontamination efficiency, while also analyzing their technical and economic feasibility. The utility of the developed materials and decontamination strategies beyond UCG water remediation is addressed as well.

This project is funded by the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) of the European Union (EU) under Grant Agreement No 101033964.